Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dipping Sauce and Dressing

Creme Fraiche' mascarpone

Make a simple creme fraiche' by whisking together heavy cream and lemon juice in a bowl. The result is a cuagulated smooth cream which can be mixed in the food processor with mascarpone or cream cheese. The shredded lemon zest is mixed in with a spatula at the end.

Kiwi-Coconut Vinegar Vinaigrette

Very ripped Kiwis was used to make this sweet and tangy dressing. Simply mix in a blender 2 parts chopped kiwis, 2 parts extra virgin olive oil, 1 part coconut vinegar, honey, yellow onion, salt and ground white pepper. Feel free to use any sweet spice to create a nice contrast in the taste. Example: Tarragon. Strain as you wish.

Crostini Bouquet

By Chef Gio

Vegetable Mousse
Champignon a la Greque’ and Spinach with crème’ cheese

Crème’ fraiche-mascarpone cheese with lemon zest

Mesclun Mix and Edible Flowers

Coconut vinegar-Kiwi Vinaigrette

Blue Cheese and Herbs

Plateau Organique Coloré

Colorful Organic Platter

This delightful platter of prepared Hor’s de Oeuvres consists of aspic based vegetable mousse served with crème fraiche’ mascarpone, herb seasoned blue cheese crostinis, and a salad of mesclun mix-edible flowers with kiwi vinaigrette dressing.

The top layer of my Vegetable Mousse is made with “Champignon a la greque”, while pureed spinach with mascarpone cheese is the bottom layer. This wonderful combination is seasoned with herbs and species such as shallots, rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano. This creation is a sure charmer with an inlay of blanched carrot florets. The accompanying crème fraiche-mascarpone sauce is a rich treat yet not overpowering and cleverly hinted with lemon zest.

The Crostini was gently sprinkled with the Chefs’ favorite selection of herbs; topped with parmesan and crumbled blue cheese then lightly oven toasted to create a pleasing crunchy dimension to this delicate preparation.

An extraordinary assortment of fresh baby greens explodes into a colorful kaleidoscope with a mixture of carefully selected edible flowers which makes for a refreshing salad accompaniment that adorns the plate. Tease your palate with my invigorating vinaigrette made with blended Kiwi and coconut vinegar…a definite culinary ingenuity.

A vine created out of micro-julienne green onions, coriander leaves and carrot florets is a brilliant design that borders the edge of this platter layered with classical Chaud-froid and true aspic which serves as the canvas for this alluring and delicious creation.