Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dipping Sauce and Dressing

Creme Fraiche' mascarpone

Make a simple creme fraiche' by whisking together heavy cream and lemon juice in a bowl. The result is a cuagulated smooth cream which can be mixed in the food processor with mascarpone or cream cheese. The shredded lemon zest is mixed in with a spatula at the end.

Kiwi-Coconut Vinegar Vinaigrette

Very ripped Kiwis was used to make this sweet and tangy dressing. Simply mix in a blender 2 parts chopped kiwis, 2 parts extra virgin olive oil, 1 part coconut vinegar, honey, yellow onion, salt and ground white pepper. Feel free to use any sweet spice to create a nice contrast in the taste. Example: Tarragon. Strain as you wish.

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