Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Burnt Bread

Now, this is not a science project gone bad. It's bread, burnt intentionally! I know that in this age of scented candles, any home would have an assortment of it. Yet they can be slow in getting rid of that overwelming cooked fish smell. Cooking often does, leave a repelling smell in the kitchen. So, here's an ingenous remedy for one of those stir-fried dinner nights. Remember that old bread sitting on the kitchen counter? All you need to do is take a piece of it and hold it with a tong. Place it on top of the stove and let it burn a bit. This won't give the room a fresh spring scent but will surely nautralize the smell from garlicee to bread, fresh out of the oven. Another alternative is to place it in a toaster..., and Voila! Oh, just make sure to leave the windows open. You wouldn't wanna set off the fire alarm.